Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How Can I Help You?

WOW! I think I found my dream company.

I have bought several pairs of shoes from Zappos.com and have always had good results.

However, this time the shoes didn't fit. I needed to send them back.

No problem, Zappos pays for shipping both ways. I boxed the shoes up and put the return label on the box. When I requested the return label, I asked for in-store credit knowing that I wanted to exchange the shoes for the correct size.

I called Zappos customer service 3 days later to find out if the shoes had reached the warehouse so that I could do the swap.

Nope. No shoes in the warehouse.

I explained that I wanted to exchange the shoes for the right size. No problem, "we can do that without the shoes being in the warehouse". "what size did you need?" I was asked. I told her what size I needed.

Dang, they didn't have my size. But wait, "let me check and see if any other store has your size" SERIOUSLY...she was going to check other stores?!?! yep and she did, but they didn't have my size either. Apparently the shoe I chose was a discontinued shoe.

Bummer. Ok I needed to now check and see what shoe I wanted to switch for and call back.

Found replacement shoe and called back. Customer service rep that I talked with this time was again friendly and accommodating. In fact, she said that because I was exchanging the shoes they would send out my new shoes "next-day air".

Shoes were sent out yesterday, UPS guy left 'em at my door today.

Thanks Zappos for being so accommodating. You so exceeded my expectations for customer service.

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