Friday, September 24, 2010

Life Is About More Than Just You

Homecoming as we explained it to our exchange student is when the alumni coming back to the school for a weekend and get together for a sports event.

Kudos to Ennis, a local high school for taking the opportunity to use their "Homecoming" week for someone else. The whole student body, staff, booster club, school board, and community got involved in raising money for an athlete, Jared Smith who doesn't even go to their school. Granted Smith was injured while playing against the Ennis team earlier this year but people get injured all the time, its part of the game.

However, sometimes we all need to learn that in the big picture, there is more out there than the rah rah rah of the game. Bake sales to raise dough, competition between grades to see who can raise the most money for someone less fortunate, 50/50 raffles that normal support the close-up which at this game will be going solely to the Smith family and everything else that the Ennis school and community did to support the Smith family shows true character and represents what sportsmanship is all about.

Way to go Ennis--you've taken an opportunity to teach your kids more about sports than wins and losses. Lets hope they learned something.

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