Wednesday, June 16, 2010


We are back again at host family #2's house. This trip has been a whirlwind of new adventures, new tastes, new sites, and new friends.

It amazes me how different things are here but yet sometimes how much the same they feel. There is a lot of respect for the old, both in buildings and in people. The people have been very friendly, both those that we have been introduced to and those that we have encountered while being tourist in the small quaint cities.

Things are all so green and beautiful. Except for the asparagus which is in season right now and is white but tastes yummy! The people seem to take pride in their land. We meet a 70 year-old widow whose health is not that great but even he has a garden, 17 chickens, and rabbits. He has a special garden just for the rabbits. His vegetable garden is larger than my whole backyard. His flower garden is not as well tended due to his age and bad knees, but his roses were very pretty.

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