Thursday, June 10, 2010

Champagne, Nuts, and Menus

So how is my trip going, you ask. Well let me tell you. It started out with being redirected to Helena from Bozeman but it got WAY better from that.

We flew from Helena to Minneapolis (one of us in first class and one of us in coach) and then on the flight from Minneapolis to Amsterdam we were greeted with champagne, menus and warm roasted nuts as we both took our seats in First Class. Let me tell you if you are going to travel for 8hr in the air, First Class is the only way to go.

Once we arrived in Amsterdam we then got to take a 6hr train ride into Germany. We arrived at Cece's home very tired. We did get to see a lot of country-side (when we weren't sleeping). It is a beautiful area.

Today we spent the day in a wonderful old seaside town of Rostock.

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Debra said...

Ruff! Ruff! You lucky dogs! We had to explain to Beth about "First Class". WAY TO GO!!