Friday, March 05, 2010

What Cats Do When They Are Lonely

Since we had to put one of our two cats to sleep, the other cat has become quite clingy. She now wants to be on my lap all the time.

Today she was sitting on my lap while I was reading. Of course the laptop was resting next to me in the open position should I need to check the status of my facebook or email at any moment. (Heaven forbid I should miss something.)

However, every time I got up from my seat, thus moving the cat, she went and sat on the computer. She has tried to empty my cache, and has attemptted to take several facebook quizes.

The last time I left and came back she opened up a whole new tab and had a guilty look on her face. Im concerned the cat may be addicted to the internet. I just hope she isn't surfing "kitty porn".


Anonymous said...

My cat usually just tries to turn the volume down. And sprawl across the keyboard. I get nasty looks when I insist that the typing thing was important.

Father John said...

As long as she doesn't cause a CATastrophic failure I suppose it will be OK.

Down under Alan said...

Maybe she was looking for the mouse