Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Pass the Salad

I feel it is important to let The Kid have an input on what goes on in our family. That does not mean that she gets to set her bed time, her curfew, or what chores she does. It also does not mean that she gets to decide what kind of house we live in or what kind of vehicle we drive.

When she was little we had a rule about eating, "you have to try everything before saying you don't like it". For the most part this worked fairly well. She was probably the only 3-year-old who knew that she liked stuffed mushrooms or who ate asparagus off the other kids plates at day-care and when she ate at a friends house she continued to at least try everything.

She, like most little kids though, was not big on vegetables. We learned which ones she would eat and usually served those or raw carrots as an alternative. Like most little kids, she didn't care if what she was eating was healthy, or full of sugar and fat only that it tasted good.

The other day I spoke with The Kid via phone. She had two sentences for me:
1. "when I come home we are eating more healthy". and
2. "American's eat way too much fat".

I tried to tell her the above when I was attending Weight Watchers but apparently it didn't really sink in.

The Kid states that she has actually lost weight since being over-seas and is enjoying eating more healthy. Guess I didn't have to worry about her eating too much German chocolate.

After little consideration, I think this is a ruling I can let her change in our house when she returns.


Anonymous said...

der kind:

aba wir do essen way too much fat in dei USA. und ich wish ich could habe more imput on some of those things; auto, "be in bet" time. oh well. mere brot und kase bitte!!

Crimson Rambler said...

gotta love those moments...like son's pronouncement that he is exercising a supervisory eye over the proper doing of his stepson's homework "because that's important"...