Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Stars Must All Be Aligned Just Right!

Some weeks you just can't ask for things to go any better. This was one of those weeks. Every time I turned around something was going they way I wanted it to.

Not only did our "Women Of The Bible" bible study start off on good start, but our Youth Group had some great discussions about how the Lords Prayer effects their daily lives. Then the continued study group on Tuesday nights has been studying Jonah and when we met on Tuesday we had a great group with some good discussions as well not to mention some really good soup.

Due to meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday I didn't have to cook. Better yet, we were sent home with the extras from the Wednesday meeting so we had leftovers on Thursday so once again I didn't have to cook.

Wednesday, our DirectTV was hooked up and our new 32"HDTV, that miraculously appeared in our house, now has a great picture!

My work week ends on Thursday and that means that I have a standing lunch date with my good friend. We both agreed today that it is the favorite part of our week and someething we both look forward to. For me it was the capper to my week. There is nothing like having a great week only to end it with a great lunch date.

Now on to the weekend.


Mark J. said...

Where did the TV come from? Was it beamed down? :)

The Lovely Wife said...

no clue. Th note just said "for Todd and Joelene. You are loved and appreciated." I guess it pays to live in a town where you can leave the doors unlocked and people can drop off new TVs.