Sunday, January 24, 2010


2010 will be an interesting year for both our church family and my personal family.

In our home, with the two foreign exchange students that we have, we are blending the cultures of Germany, Columbia and America.

When our daughter returns from being an exchange student at the end of June, we will be faced with the challenge of learning and appreciating the strengths that she has acquired while abroad. She most likely will not be the same little girl that we sent to Europe. Our little girl will have changed and grown, though hopefully not too much.

In our church life, we will be merging two congregations into one family unit. Somethings will get left behind. Others will take center stage.

The abundance that we will be creating with the two congregations as one is slightly overwhelming and my mind wanders in so many directions at the things that we can accomplish and the people that we can reach.

I dont set New Year's resolutions but if I was going to pick something to try to accomplish this year it would be to continue to see the abundance and good in both my home life and my church life, at all times. Combining talents and strengths together is not always easy but when looked at from on top of the mountain of abundance it seems a whole lot easier.

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Padre Mickey said...

It sounds like an exciting year ahead for you folks!