Monday, January 04, 2010

Epiphany and Youth Group

Last night our little town had 7 Magi strolling the streets, following golden stars. While they weren't the original Magi the baby still had to be located and since the sky was cloudy the stars were obtained from businesses, homes, and other locations by singing the first verse of "We Three Kings". It was chilly out and Im not sure our exchange student from Columbia thought wandering around town at night was a good idea but he survived.

The kids had a great time finding the stars and when they got back to the house we re-read the story of the Magi and discussed the ins and outs of the story and the whys and hows as well as the similarities from other stories and the connections to other stories.

The goal was to know more of the story of the Magi and I think we definitely achieved that. Hopefully next year they will remember it.

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