Monday, January 25, 2010

ta, ta, ta-ah, ta

In my spare time I like to teach piano.

I have students of all ages and abilities. I have learned that each kid is unique and while some are challenging in a certain ways, others push my limits in different directions. I can honestly say that there is not a single student that I dont enjoy teaching.

Depending on each kids ability or age, makes a difference as to how I go about teaching them.
My youngest student is 5-years-old.

At school she is busy learning how to add, read, and spell her name. Then she comes to piano lessons and I give her another "alphabet" as well as a different way to count; a quarter note which gets one count= ta, a half note which gets two counts= ta-ah, a dotted-half note gets three counts= ta-ah, ah, and a whole note gets four counts= ta-ah, ah, ah.

Today when she came to lessons she brought me a song that she wrote for me. I have kids that have colored me pictures, brought me presents, flowers, and other things but never a song. I opened up the page that she presented me with and saw a whole bunch of notes. "can you play it for me?" I asked "no" she replied, "I just wrote it".

The song goes something like this: Ta, ta-ah, ta, ta, ta, ta-ah, ta-ah, ta, ta, ta, ta-ah for over 30 notes. I know cause she sang it for me.

I can't wait till we learn to put notes on the staff. The songs that I will get from this student will then go to another level.

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