Wednesday, September 16, 2009


When someone important comes to town, especially if they have done something wonderful, it is best to greet them with a little reception.

Take Dorothy for instance, when she arrived in Munchkinland everyone was thrilled and excited. They greeted her with song and dance. Yes she was important, she after all had just dropped her house down on the Wicked Witch.

Everyone in Munchkinland came out and if you were invited to participate you definitely showed up wearing your finest knickers.

The PB (presiding bishop) will be at our diocesan convention next weekend. I would say she qualifies as someone of importance. A reception for "clergy and retired clergy" has been set up. Unfortunately the rev will miss the reception for the clergy (he has a prior engagement). Knowing the great importance that this event plays I have volunteered (along with our youth delegate) to go in his place. We would like to represent the clergy of our church since he is not able to be there.

We would wear our finest knickers and sing our greeting song:
We represent the Father Todd Guild
The Father Todd Guild, the Father Todd Guild
And in the name of the Father Todd Guild
We wish to welcome you to Montana Land!

However, the rev says we are not allowed to go in his place. I ask you what kind of society doesn't allow representation for all of its people? We are just trying to represent the Rev and our church and graciously welcome a very important person that has come to spend some time with us.

The mayor and the coroner were present when Dorothy showed up, why even the The Lollipop Guild and the Lullaby league were both represented when Dorothy's house fell from the sky. I really see no difference.

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