Monday, October 26, 2009


"Its not cold enough to feel like Halloween" was the reply that came from Germany when we asked the kid how it felt to be spending this spook filled holiday in a foreign land.

Apparently not only is it not cold enough, but there will be no trick or treating, no costumes, no bobbing for apples, and NO "The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" on TV. Typically Halloween is not observed in Germany as it is in America.

I am asked all the time how my kid is adapting to being away from home. I am proud to say that she is always sharing our culture with her family as well as learning about theirs. We sent Halloween Oreos, you know the ones with the orange frosting, they were a big hit with the kid but not so much with the natives. They cant seem to get past the fact that they are black and ORANGE.

Apparently she has shared enough about our spook filled holiday that they too want to enjoy a bit of the fun cause they have this week off for "holiday". What can I say, my kid is a mover and shaker. I always knew she would change the world, she started by changing mine.

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Padre Mickey said...

Most people don't celebrate Hallowe'en here in Panama, either. No trick or treaters at all. However, one of our Panamanian daughters regularly celebrates Hallowe'en at the local McDonalds. We don't participate.

Happy Hallowe'en to you and Rev. Ref!