Friday, August 07, 2009

Travel Karma

On our way to my families house two weeks ago we had a problem with our muffler and had to find a shop that would re-attach that for us.

Then on our way home from camp we rode the bus home. We had to stop for 45min on the freeway while we waited for a car accident to clear and then 30min after that while filling the bus with gas we noticed that the bus was leaking oil. The bus driver called the mechanic who advised putting in some oil and then "keeping an eye" on it.

We put in the oil and then started off down the road. 30 min later we found ourselves on the side of the road once again talking to the mechanic as the bus driver noticed that we were blowing white smoke out of the rear of the bus. It was deemed that a replacement bus would need to be sent for us. 4hrs later the replacement bus arrived and we were once again on the road.

When we got outside of Butte I called The Rev to let him know where we were and so that he could come and meet the bus at the next stop. He went out to get into the car and noticed that our tire was FLAT! After borrowing a car from the neighbor he was on the road to get us. What usually takes 5hrs to get home took us 10!

This weekend we found ourselves once again on the road to my families house. Last night we pulled over for gas 30mi outside of Missoula and noticed that the car was smoking slightly. Why is the car smoking? We had just had our oil changed and the mechanic forgot to replace the oil cap so we had oil all over under the hood. Luckily 2qts of oil and duct tape and we made it to Missoula were we could purchase a new cap.

Then on the road this afternoon we once again got stuck on the freeway behind a roll-over accident. Can you say DeJaVu?

I am hoping over the last two weeks of traveling that I have exhausted all of my families bad karma for the year and that The Kid will be able to get to Germany without any problems and also get home without any glitches as well.

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Jane Ellen+ said...

Perhaps it's good news that you can't drive to Germany...