Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Kid Needs To Go When?

I have decided that Rotary International needs to have a support group for parents of kids who are being sent abroad or at the very least a handbook on how to deal with the stress of getting everything ready at the last minute.

Our first problem was that we were accepted as an International Exchange student 4 months past the deadline. Ok I now understand why there is a deadline.

The second problem is a trickle down affect off of the first. We are scrambling like mad to get all our information in order, clothes bought, tickets purchased, travel insurance bought, presents for the family picked up and all the other stuff that needs to be arranged and oh yeah it all has to fit into how many suitcases?

Thankfully The Kid is not a clothes hog so there really shouldn't be too much problem other than convincing her that some of her books need to stay behind. The problem with the clothes is the fact that she is picky and hard to fit. I finished the online ordering last night. Confirmation says that they should arrive between the 22-24 (we leave town the 23). UUuuugh!

Our third problem arose when we found out that her school needs to know what classes that her High School here wants her to take in Germany. Frantically called the school only to find out that the school's counselor is off for the summer! Called her at home and am waiting for a call back.

It turns out that our paperwork is still somewhere in the air or in a mail courier's bag between here and Germany. In that paperwork is the exact time that The Kid needs to be in Germany but it also has our new child's information in it as well. At this point we know we are getting a student but that is all we know. Hopefully the pigeon will get here soon with the information.

Meanwhile I look out my windows and see the beautiful mountains, watch the wonderful birds flying around, and all the wonderful things in my world and realize that my God created all of this in 6 days, surely He can help us to accomplish all that we need to get done in the two weeks that we have.


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