Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The kids new village is calling or rather emailing...

We have heard from the kid's new village! They have emailed us and seem really excited to be getting our daughter and who can blame them she is turning into such a wonderful young lady.

I have decided that this is the best time to send her to Germany; boys have started calling our house (which is driving her dad nuts), she is starting to get interested in clothes and high heels which means make-up can't be far behind.

We have picked the perfect village to send her to(like we really got to choose); there are only 150 people there. She thought the little SW MT town of 700 was small...just wait till she arrives in Boitin Germany.

Thankful they all speak English, though the mom admits that she does not speak it very well.

She will get to ride the bus for an hour to a school of 500 kids. Time there to study more German! Hopefully her new younger brother (age 14) will also be able to help her learn the language quickly and keep her out of trouble.

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