Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beads, Pretty Beads, and Prayers

Who says I didn't learn anything useful while my husband was attending seminary?

One year while at seminary during Lent I took on the discipline of doing the Anglican Rosary. Through Lent I found it a very calming discipline but didn't really care for the exact prayers that were in the booklet that came with my rosary beads. Thanks to one of my husbands classmates and one of their professors I was able to write my own rosary using prayers from the prayer book that reflected more of what I needed. It was a good Lenten year for me.

Why, you might ask, am I telling you all of this. Well, my rosary prayer became important to me in times of stress. When my life is stressful I usually know it because I can't sleep. This happened when we were in seminary towards the end. The stress of seminary ending and not knowing where we were going to be going. With seminary ending that meant we had to be out of the dorms and again not knowing where we were going was a TAD stressful. As the sleepless nights began, my hubby's classmate suggested that I try using my rosary at bedtime. Woohoo! I was finally able to sleep.

Lately I have once again not been able to sleep. There is nothing like being awake at 2:30 only to finally fall back to sleep after hearing the kid's alarm go off at 6am. Needless to say this week I have been a little tired and have had meetings every night.

Last night I got out the rosary. I slept much better. Did wake up twice but both times the rosary had slipped out of my hand. Picked the beads back up and was out like a light.

Not sure what is keeping me from sleeping, just glad the lessons that I learned from seminary still work.

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