Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Size Doesn't Matter

Think back. Remember when your children were too small to bathe in the tub so you gave them a bath in the kitchen sink? Then when they did get big enough to graduate to the tub you didn't turn your back for a second cause they were so small you could lose them in the tub? Or how about how when your kid was little you used to put 2-3 kids in the bath at the same time with room to spare? It saved on water and moped your floor at the same time.

Well last night my daughter decided to prove that she is no longer that small.

While I was working on the computer I heard a weird sound from the bathroom. I went to investigate.

I found my daughter in the tub with her head up one end of the shower wall and her feet about halfway up the other wall. Apparently the noise I had heard was her slipping in the tub. Luckily she is fine. She did dislodge the faucet slightly but was able to put it back, lets hope it holds for awhile.

Nothing like seeing your child literally hanging outside of the tub to reassure you that she is growing up. Gives you a new perspective to see your child sprawled out in the tub looking like Goldilocks in Baby Bear's bed.

She is definitely not my baby anymore. At least not in size.
So go ahead grow-up, prove it even if you have to (but please be careful). Cause in my heart you will always be my baby.

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