Friday, March 06, 2009

What's in your locker?

In the middle of the morning yesterday, The Kid got called down to the principal's office. When she got there she was greeted by the principal, superintendent, and school's counselor.

Not necessarily a good sign.

The conversation went something like this:

Principal: Is your locker #__?

The Kid: I don't know. It is the one next to so-in-so's. (Note to Kid, knowing your locker number is a good idea.)

Principal: We need to search your locker. We have had the drug-dog in the building today and he stopped at your locker.

Again not necessarily a good sign.

The Kid: Uh, Ok.

Apparently, The Kid had drug residue in her coat pocket the dog was picking up on.

Last week due to her aches and pains I told her to take some Ibuprofen and put it in her locker so she would have it to take at lunchtime. Does that make me the supplier?

She never put them in her locker but left them in her coat pocket. She has had one Ibuprofen left in her pocket all week. One of her classmates was asking for an Ibuprofen and of course The Kid volunteered the one in her pocket that morning. Thus becoming a dealer.

The drug dog still picked up on the residue and she was busted. Luckily for her everyone knew that she had been sick and was taking Ibuprofen so she got off.

Unfortunately both lockers on the sides of The Kid got searched as well.

I can just see the posters around the school: "Ibuprofen: Not even once"


Mark J. said...

Wait... Drug dogs can detect over the counter pain medication? Um... What happens when they turn 'em loose in, say, an airport? I'd say more than half the passengers are lugging around pain meds of some sort.

The Lovely Wife said...

Don't know. I just know that all The Kid had in her locker was an empty pocket that had been carrying around Ibuprofen.

Could be the drug dog stopped there because he smelled food. The Kid IS always eating.

Not sure what was if there was anything in the lockers next to hers.

Erin said...

WOW! This is crazy! i did not realize that drug dogs can detect Ibuprofen.

The Lovely Wife said...

Yeah apparently the drug dogs dont like gun powder residue in lockers either. This may not sound like a big deal but in a rural area where almost EVERYONE hunts, I guess they were having to go through everybody's lockers until they stopped bringing the dogs in during hunting season. The kids here all had shell casing in heir pockets and such. Who knew.

Padre Mickey said...

So is ibuprofen considered a controlled substance in schools in your area? Geez. . .

Things are very different here in Panama, we don't even need prescriptions for most medication. The doctor tells you what to get, you go to the farmacia and tell them what you want and they sell it to you. I've got to figure out what to do about my blood pressure medicine when I'm in the U.S. on sabbatical; I don't have a prescription as I've never needed one, plus, I don't think it is available in los estados unidos.

At least I'm not taking ibuprofen! I'd never get in the country!

The Lovely Wife said...

Padre- The kids aren't supposed to have any medications in their lockers. They are supposed to leave it with the front office and go there when they need it. I told The Kid I thought she was old enough to handle having Ibuprofen on her own. My bad.