Thursday, March 05, 2009


Its March! Most of my friends are talking about what to plant in their gardens and how their tulips are starting to come up. What am I doing? Shoveling 6" of wet (much needed) SNOW!

I got the kid to help me. Im not sure if "help" is the right word. She enjoys snow too much. Every so many shovelfuls she would find a great snowball and yell "Hey mom, batter-up".

Yes, that meant that it was time for a break and a little snow-shovel baseball. She is much better at it than I am.

If it was a professional sport I would get pulled as a pitcher for walking my opponent. Its hard to pitch out of a shovel. For some reason, not sure why, my pitches kept hitting the kid.

As far as a hitter, Im not so good there either. I might add that we were playing in the dark. (Yes, that is an excuse. I could also add that I wasn't very good as a hitter at regular softball either. But don't criticize until you've tried it, hitting a snowball pitched from a snow shovel is not as easy as it sounds.

It would be fun for a youth group event though--hmmm might have to think on that one. It is definitely a group activity, you need more than two people to really get the full affect of snow-shovel baseball.

We did get 6 pieces of property shoveled, (the church, parish hall, parsonage, and homes of 2 elderly that live nearby and one that just happened out of the goodness of our hearts).

It felt good to help others.

Bearing that last sentence in mind does anyone want to hire a good massage therapist for me--my back is killing me.

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