Tuesday, March 03, 2009


This past weekend we had the first day of a 3-day leadership workshop in our town. I was in charge of teaching module one. Needless to say I was nervous. I am not always good with people who I do not know.

I facilitate a "Mission Planning Seminar" with my husband for churches in our diocese and even though the work is split evenly and it is always done with people that I do not know I am much more comfortable doing this particular talk than the one I did this weekend. I am sure that part of it is that I have done the one with my husband several times and have it down pretty well so that I know what to expect. Part of it may be that I have my husband by my side supporting me and making sure I am comfortable with my material.

This weekend however offered a great experience. I not only learned a lot about myself but I got to learn a lot about my family as well.

I learned that in my nervousness I do not like to deal with the idea of someone messing with my suggested material. In short I guess I don't like change or being told what to do when I am nervous already about what I have prepared to present. We got through it and all went fine. I also learned that I like to present better after having had time to practice several times with someone who is on my team.

The Rev was involved as a participant on the first day and The Kid even though she was exhausted from being gone with the band the two days previously was involved the next day.

It was hard to present in front of my family but once I got over that I was able to present and watch them inter-act with the community. I was able to see that even though I have been told I am a "proud parent" and a "proud spouse" I could step back and see why.

My spouse and kid are both very articulate people. They get involved. One is already a leader and has skills that are being tapped on beyond belief and the other is just realizing that she has skills that allow her to become a leader within her community.

I may be proud of my family but dang it I am proud for good reason.

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