Thursday, February 26, 2009

I think I can do it, Can you?

Apparently I live in a bubble.

Every year this season comes around and I forget that not everyone understand what Ash Wednesday is about or why we have "a dirty smudge" on our forehead.

However I am not the only one in my home living in this bubble. This year there appears to be seating for two. Yes, my kid has decided that the seating inside the bubble is comfortable.

I came home and mentioned that a local minister didn't realize that it was Ash Wednesday and the Kid was appalled. "How can you be in that profession and not know something like that?"

Apparently it is only important to a select few of us.

I however love this time of year. I don't like the music that the Episcopal Church Hymnal provides for Lent but I thoroughly enjoy this season and what it represents.

Its not about just giving up chocolate or sweets. It is about drawing yourself closer to God by taking on or giving something up. For me it is also a time of reflection of what Christianity is all about.

This year my Lenten devotion includes taking on, giving up, and providing for someone less fortunate. This is always a hard time for me but then what Jesus went through wasn't exactly easy was it? I am hoping that by combining all three I will be able to make it through all 40 days.

For those of you that belong to churches that don't observe Lent, I challenge you to take on something from now until Easter that will draw you closer to God and appreciate the walk that Jesus walked for you.

I think I can do it, can you?


Padre Mickey said...

Pre-ordination, I worked as a Purchasing Agent for a major Silicon Valley company. One Ash Wednesday I was standing outside where the smokers were huddled and a guy looks at me and says, "Hey man, you've got some toner on your forehead!" I explained Ash Wednesday to him and he seemed content with my response. The next day i passed the huddled smokers and he saw me, licked his thumb, dragged it through the ash tray, rubbed it on his forehead and said, "Smokers Thursday!"

Reverend Ref + said...


You can't make this shit up.