Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Tomorrow I leave for camp.
I love camp.

Usually I am at camp for "Family Camp" or "Clergy Retreat" both are very different. Family Camp is in July so the weather is great and we get to enjoy all that the lake and the outdoors has to offer. Clergy Retreat is right after Easter so the weather is very unpredictable but still the quiet of camp is always enjoyable.

This time I am going up for "Quilting Camp". It has been snowing so there will probably be no outside campfires or roasting of marshmallows. The agenda is to make quilts for the kids of "Grace Camp". Grace camp is a camp for kids who have either one or both parents in prison. The kids love getting the quilts as it is a reminder that they can take with them of a place where they are loved unconditional and have experience God. Hopefully it is a place where they can let go of the anger and hurt and realize that they are a worthy individual.

I don't really quilt but am hoping to learn. Although,I am a little apprehensive about starting quilting. This could become an addiction for me like scrapbooking or another hobby that I somehow have to find time and room for in my home and schedule. The worst that could happen is that I don't like it and then I spend the time talking with God.

Either way it is a win, win. I will also get to experience camp in another season which is very exciting. What will camp hold for me? Only God knows. Im sure it will be beautiful.

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