Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Bear Went Over The Mountain....

My first night at camp, I remembered that there usually was a bear in the summertime at camp. Remembering that it is still basically wintertime I reassured myself that he/she was still probably hibernating.

My second day at camp two college aged kids who have worked at camp for many years stopped by to help with some maintenance at camp as well as do some fishing while they were on spring break. I think they really just came to play at camp but who could blame them and they did do some work while they were there so hey.

The next day the college kids came in after a morning of exploring and checking out camp and informed Julie, the camp site manager that they had found "fresh bear poo". And where did they find this poo? Over by the girls' cabins. And where was I sleeping? Yep, over in the girls' cabins.

I had mentioned earlier to Julie that with all the vegetable waste that they needed a compost pile but she simply replied that "no compost piles out here were nothing but bear smorgasbords"

Last night as I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, all I could think of was "God please do not let me be bear fodder, God please do not let me be bear fodder".

Where it is really cool to feed a deer out of your hand, it is not so cool to find a bear and feed him your hand.

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