Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The EyeRoll

Last night I watched True Beauty (the only reality show that we actually watch) with the kid. I might add that the kid and I feel that they got the outcome right by the way.

Anyway, while chillin' with the kid I was surfin' through Facebook and looking at some of our friend's pictures. I found one that actually had a picture posted of my husband and another of my kid! I busted out laughing and the comment that came out was "Oh my gosh you look so LITTLE".

Insert 15-year-old eye roll here.

I am used to the eye roll. I get it fairly often but usually for different reasons. Usually both Rev and I get it when we are teasing her, questioning whether or not she has done something that we know in all reality she has done (chores, homework,etc), you get the idea.

This time however the eye roll was followed with an accusation of someone being dramatic. Who me? Never. (In my defense I must have learned from the master.)

Meanwhile, I am still laughing my butt off at how little she looks, very cute, but very little. Now that we have moved into the world of driving, high school, dating (sort-of), talk of leaving for a foreign country for a year, as well as starting to talk about colleges I had forgotten how little and cute (she has moved beyond "cute") she was prior to moving here. So yes I was laughing.

I finally convinced her to come and look at the picture. Her response was priceless. "Oh my GOSH I LOOK SO LIITLE!!

insert eye roll. And much laughing.

Thanks Tripp and Andrea~!

I tried to post the picture here so you all could laugh too but I am technically challenged. Sorry, you will just have to trust us.. she looks little.

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