Monday, February 02, 2009

Frugal Not Cheap

I hate to buy jeans. I live in em but I hate to buy 'em. Finding jeans that fit perfectly is a nightmare. If you watch "What Not To Wear" the topic of how to find jeans that fit and make you look slimmer and your legs leaner is always addressed. This just goes to show that I am not the only one who hates to buy jeans.

Recently one of my girlfriends has been claiming to have found the "best, most comfortable" jean ever. Yeah, yeah, sure. Where did you find these jeans and for how much? Coldwater Creek and 74.50. OUCH!!

However, recently we found them on sale and I was able to pick up two pairs. One in red (my Palm Sunday, Pentecost, and ordination jeans) and another in regular blue. I got the red pair for 19 and the blue pair for 24. Basically the same price that I would pay at Old Navy.

They finally arrived and I have to admit, I love 'em. They fit great. The length is good, the "natural" waist is perfect.

I tried to fool the Rev when I tried them on and asked him how he liked my new jeans. He said they looked good. I asked him if they looked $75 worth of good. I should have known. He just looked at me. He then replied that he knew I would never spend that much on a pair of jeans.

Yes I confessed, I got them on sale.

Now I just have to watch the Coldwater Creek website so that I can catch more sales and get some more jeans.


Jane Ellen+ said...

...he knew I would never spend that much on a pair of jeans.

That, my friend, is a compliment. I wouldn't either. I live by the 11th Commandment:

Thou Shalt Not Pay Retail.

Erin said...

I, too, dispise buying jeans!