Saturday, January 31, 2009


My lovely friend GeorgiaPeach and her friend Ru have both done fun little posts with a letter and the ten things that they like most that start with that letter.

Erin has given me my letter so staying with tradition here is my list:

1. Water--I have always loved the water. My mom is fond of telling people that I swam before I walked. But seriously I love a hot tub, a good pool, a hot shower that is not rushed, splashing in puddles, walking in a warm rain, etc..

2. Words of Wisdom--I am sure that as a child I did not cherish these but now the talks with both my mom and my mom-in-law as well as my good friends who have been through things that I am now going through or just have great advice are some of my favorite times.

3. Warm sunshine streaming through the Windows--ask my cats they will explain this probably better than I but for some reason warm sunshine coming through the windows just feels like a kiss from God, especially when it is really cold outside.

4. Wet mushy kisses--a quick peck is nice but a long lingering kiss is best and says so much more. Wet kisses from a child always bring a smile, the fact that they are learning to share their love is great, so what if you get a shower in the process. (I like water and won't melt.)

5. Weekends--Most everyone I knows lives for 'em and if the school calendar changes (see 8 min post) then mine will get longer.

6. Whimisical Wind chimes--I love the sound that they make when the wind is just slightly blowing. It is like they are singing a personal song just for me.

7. Wide open spaces--yes I have lived in the big city (outside Chicago) and now live in a small town (population 700). I like to be able to see the mountains and have a view unobstructed by high-rise buildings. (I miss the mall but love the view).

8. Watermelon--There is nothing better on a warm summer day then cold watermelon. It not only nourishes the body but if you buy the seeded kind it provides entertainment as well. "I bet I can spit seeds farther than you!"

9. White fluffy clouds--the kind you can lay down under on a lazy summer day and watch different shapes appear.

10. Washington State--more specifically Wenatchee. The land I love to go home to and visit family. The valley still has everything anybody could want; Great fruit, water sports, mountains, skiing, great hiking, and not to far from two major cities, and of course my family is there.

Things that start with the letter W that I don't like:
1. War--does this really need an explanation.
2. Wind--It ruins a good hair day.
3. Warm milk--if you have to drink it it has to be cold or made into a chai tea!
4. Wide leg pants--the really, really wide leg pants. They were bad in the 70's and aren't any better now.
5. White paper--not for scrapbooking, I like color!
6. Wool--100% wool is too scratchy though wool blends are ok.
7. Wet Willies--They just feel icky. I do however like them when Rev is giving them to the kid.
8. Wild drivers--especially when they are the ones driving my child and I have to hear my daughter tell me about it.
9. White cake--Chocolate is the only the way to go.
10. Waists--I hate that mine is too big.

There you have it.
I actually thought that this letter was going to be harder than it was. The "dislike" list was actually harder than the "like" list.

Thanks Erin for letting me play along.

If any of you would like a letter let me know and I will be happy to provide you with a letter.