Wednesday, February 04, 2009

New and Improved

The new furnace was installed yesterday. The new furnace is smaller than the old one, more efficient, shiny, quiet, and best of all doesn't emit carbon monoxide fumes. WooHoo.

Yeah we now have heat. We even have a snazzy new programmable thermostat that is programmed to have the heat come on 30min before I come to work so now when I get to the office it is no longer 59 degrees.

Double Yeah!!

My co-worker and I are no longer having headaches either which is a bonus. He also claims that he is no longer dizzy either, I guess we can't call him a dizzy blond anymore. Huh who woulda thought that a little carbon monoxide every day would be such a bad thing?

I still think work is a 4-letter word and I would rather be home scrapping but hey the weekend is almost here.

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Mark J. said...

I just bought and had maintenance install a shiny new thermostat here. I'm pretty jazzed about it coming on and raising the temperature in the morning so that by the time I leave the comfort of bed it will already be warmed up, and I don't have to remember to crank it back down when I leave for work or go to bed at night.

Now to figure out the programming. Can't be too hard, it is all touch-screen and everything.

Glad the headaches are gone. And yeah, carbon monoxide is a bad thing. Symptoms range from headaches to death, so I'd say you guys got off on the light side. ;-)