Monday, January 12, 2009

New Car

I have a list of necessities for my next new car....I might, at this point remind everyone that my husband is a priest and my next car will probably be somebody else's car first.

Any way... My list includes things like heated seats (a must for Montana winters), all-wheel drive (also a must for any person who likes to drive to ski resorts or over mountain passes), sun roof, and of course be an automatic. This is on top of having the already present necessities that are in our current car such as A/C, automatic locks and windows, 4-doors, etc..

I really dont think that my requests are that unreasonable or that out-of-the-ordinary, that is until I ran across this new car that is being talked about on FoxNews:

Maybe I should be asking for a car with retractable wings and landing gear too. It sure would have made getting home from the holidays a lot easier this year.

Go Go Gadget Car....

Would you need a pilot's license and a drivers license?

Mark maybe this is the car for you!

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