Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Have you ever been around someone that you thought, "man, if they were in grade-school their teacher would be requesting ADD testing"?

I used to work with a pediatrician who we all swore was the original ADD kid. In between patients he would sit, tipped back in his chair in his office and fling his business cards up to the ceiling trying to get them to stick into the ceiling tiles.

The pediatrician is just one example. I know several adults that I am sure have at least a small percentage of ADD in their make-up(some more than others). Im sure that you can think of several examples too.

They all probably vary in their degree of ADD, some worse than others. For example, those ones that go skipping through the mall singing "Im Off To See The Wizard" while linked to good friends may have a higher ADD percentage in their make-up than say those that were just linked along for the ride.

I never thought of myself as too high in the particular ADD category, my parents may question that though. I do tend to be a bit scattered and over-extended.

Now, however I have been given the chance to challenge that and so can you.
ADD Test

Let me know your score.


Reverend Ref + said...

16 (Sixteen)

Jane Ellen+ said...

30; but that may have something to do with having four churches. :-)

Father John said...

Well... I scored an 18. I checked my pulse and respiration just to make sure I was still alive. 54 huh? Try a touch of Scotch. Blessings.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

68! Do think I can use this as to why I can't pay attention to the sales meetings at work?

Anonymous said...

took your lousy ADD test twice ! did not help the self esteem any
I am thinking of doing it a third time fist time I scored 101 and the second 80 , if I keep dropping 20 points per test I just might be normal in 3 more go around's


Mary Sue said...

There's a reason the new diagnosis includes attention-spectrum disorders.