Wednesday, January 07, 2009

12 days

I mailed off all of our packages one week prior to Christmas. I even mailed one 2-day express. Apparently FedEx, UPS, and USPS followed the route of the famous kings. The packages (all going to the same general area) trickled in to their recipients from Christmas Eve until January 2nd. The express package was the last one to arrive!!

At first I was kinda grumpy about everyone not getting their gifts on time until I got home and was met with a wonderful joy of our own. Three Christmas gifts were waiting for us. Christmas is such a fun time.

Our German-exchange daughter remembered how much we loved German chocolate and sent us a lovely package which will be consumed slowly and patiently much to the kid's dismay.

I also got a package from a sweet little elf who was looking out for me--I got a sea salt manicure set, let me just say my nails look shinnnny! Thanks to Santa's elf, by the way I think the Easter Bunny said that my Ipod was being ordered so not worry that Santa ran out!

We also got gift cards to Amazon from The Rev's dad--thanks dad! I sat right down and ordered an out of print book for the Rev's set that he needs. The Kid and I are waiting a lit bit to use our's as we are not sure yet how we want to spend it.

Man I love Christmas--all 12 days of it.

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