Monday, December 15, 2008

Teeth Chattering Cold

Winter is pretty. Snow in the trees. Christmas lights. Here is an example of the two together:

The lyrics are great but some don't really apply. The weather outside IS frightful. Unfortunately I have no fireplace so the fire is not delightful. I have lots of places to go, for example we are supposed to be caroling at church tomorrow night and of course there is always work, and the normal duties of the week. I am ok with letting it snow....I love having a white Christmas.

I love Christmas time and the beauty of the winter but I do not enjoy the sub zero temperatures. Today at 3pm the temperature was -9 and Steph's kids were outside playing on the school playground at their request. I hope none of them stuck their tongue to the monkey bars. Meanwhile I think Steph should think about having the kid's heads examined.

Hopefully these sub zero temperatures will blow through quickly. Tomorrow is supposed to -30!!

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