Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Halo Is Still Intact

I am now home from my conference and despite all the efforts of my car pool buddies, I still have not been in the back of a police car.

I also, even though I am much older than 21 have not yet been carded at a bar. Jack who has a teenage child and has been married 18yrs was the one who got carded when my team went to the bar after our evening session. Luckily for me I had one drink and then went on to other adventures. Meanwhile, at midnight 3 of my team members got kicked out of the bar. I never did get the whole story on that. Yep, halo still intact.

My team was one of the last ones to do their presentation. All team members had to actively participate in the presentation. I am not fond of public speaking, I would prefer to do drama as my type of public speaking, hiding behind a role. Thus I was extremely nervous and not able to do my part of the presentation without note cards. All of the teams that had gone before us were great at keeping the rest of us entertained as well as presenting the material. I tried to get Brett to sing, and Dan to dance, and Jaime to juggle but that didn't work so well cause then they signed me up for table dancing. Having just found my halo I decided that that might not be such a good idea and maybe we should all go on with our pre-arranged material. It might not be entertaining but at least I wont loose my halo over it.

I am told that it went really well but I know that in the weeks to come I have a lot of reading and "homework" to do to get myself to a point were I am comfortable presenting this new material to others, helping them to see their potential as leaders in our community.

Overall it was a great workshop and one that I am glad that I attended. I am certain that it will come in handy when Rev and I go and do our mission planning with other churches.

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Jane Ellen+ said...

Remind me to tell you about our family reunion a few years back... turns out that table dancing isn't so bad.