Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ahh, There Is My Halo!

Today is day one of a three day leadership seminar that I am attending. I traveled here with 2 other people from my area and we met up with one other person from our town so there are 4 of us here. Before this morning I knew one of the people in the car but didn't know any of the others.

On the way to Great Falls we spent the time getting to know one another. I can honestly say that compared to the other two in the car I look like an angel:
I have never been in the back of a police car.
I have never been drunk.
I have never had a breathalizer test.
I have never had a cop not believe the breathalizer test and have me do all the other intoxication tests.

It has been fun to get to know one another.

The conference has also been fun so far. It has been entertaining, educational, and inter-active. I have a good group of people to work with and am really glad that I signed up for this. It will be great to be involved in something that will be improving the quality of my community.

Man that actually sounded like a commercial but I can really see where this can impact the lives of others which will lead to community improvement.

Having found my halo under all my hair I must now go and do my homework like a good little angel.

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Mark J said...

Who was the commercial man?

Wave at the Air Force base for me! :)