Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ahh take me back--no dont!!

When the Rev was attending Seabury and we lived in dorm housing we had a kitchen sink that was horrible. Actually the sink itself wasn't bad but the faucet and the fact that we had no hot water pressure was terrible. To give you an idea of how bad the hot water pressure was hold up your pinky finger sideways. The stream of hot water that we got out of our faucet was thinner than your finger and I am NOT kidding. Shortly after we moved to Montana a building inspector came through and deemed it not fit and insisted that it be fixed, that is how bad it was.

Why you might ask am I telling you all of this? Well with the faucet being replaced in our current dwelling (see my hubby's blog for full details) it has brought back many memories. For example the time we loaded up all of our dirty dishes into our laundry basket and took them over to the New Testament professors house to use his dishwasher while he was away on vacation. Or the multiple times that we, after having prepared a large meal with many dirty dishes, took the dishes to the bathroom and washed them in the bathtub where there was good water pressure. These are examples that I had no desire to relive again.

As I left last night for my Horizon circle meeting, I left the family with two washtubs in the bathtub washing dishes and feeling a little like dejavu. Luckily for me a member of my circle group has some experience with installing faucets. YEAH! So after circle and while the Rev was at Bar Night, Dave installed our faucet.

When the faucet was in, Dave and his wife actually asked "your husband wont mind that someone else fixed this will he?" It was all I could do not to laugh. I told them that he would be extremely grateful and probably sing their praises. Rev got home and yes, he was very relieved to have the project resolved. We did find a minor leak later but we think we can handle that.


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