Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a great Thanksgiving.  Awesome food and I can honestly saw that I even ate the cranberries, both relish and jelly.  

The next morning I took the 5 kids with me,  to the mall to experience "black Friday" (ok one "kid" was an adult but I really think he can be classified as a kid).  Mark had never experienced shopping the day after Thanksgiving and I dare saw that I don't think he will ever question why we do it after the bargain that he encountered.  His purchase was regularly priced at something like $320.oo but he got it for $89.00.  I also got several Christmas gifts at some great prices, not as good as Mark's but still some good deals.  

After the mall the adults and the kids all met up together and went to the movies.  We took in "Bolt".  A cute, fun, family flick.  All nine of us ages ranging from 14 to well, old enough to be the parents cause we are, all enjoyed the film.   

We were at Jane's house for 2 1/2 days, with a total of nine people eating there.  We went through one large turkey, lots of potatoes, lots of stuffing, misc side dishes, and nine pies.

Watching the kids together this weekend reminds me that we may not be blood relatives but our kids remind me a lot of me and my cousins during the holidays.  Its nice to know that we have "family" close by to spend those special holiday times with. 

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Jane Ellen+ said...

Actually, it was only 5 pies. Other than that, you're right on target-- and it was wonderful having you all here. (^_^)