Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Why you might ask am I sharing this "silly song" with you? Well, I never gave much thought to how much Larry and I have in common until yesterday.

I am now on day two of lip-rehab. I did not get my lip stuck in a gate, but rather while hanging up Christmas decorations at work I was having a little difficulty with the tape. With one hand holding the lights in place and the other holding the piece of tape that had just folded over on itself I tried to use my mouth to straighten the tape out. Had I been using regular tape this would have been no problem I am sure. However I was using our extra strong packing tape. Not such a good idea. It looks like the tape took a small chunk out of my lip but rather feels like it took half my lip with it.

The tape should come with a warning label.

Meanwhile have I told you how I feel about belly buttons...maybe another time.

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Laurie said...

I love Larry and all his silly songs! Hope your lip rehab went well.