Saturday, November 01, 2008

My Parking Lot

Do you ever have thoughts that just seem to ramble through your head with nowhere to go?  I do.  So forgive me while I use this as a parking lot for those wayward thoughts.

#1.  our exchange student this year drinks a lot of orange juice.  We are buying 6 cans (the large Costco size ones) of concentrate per week at least.  I will admit that the concentrate from Costco is pretty good.  Prior to using it we were buying the already mixed up stuff in the gallon jug.  So now not only are we being more eco friendly the bonus is that we like the taste too.

  One of the concentrate containers is suppose to make 1/2gal.  The container that we mix the juice in holds a gallon.  I found out why the juice was tasting so good when I realized that Seong mixed two concentrate containers into the gallon jug and it still wasn't full.  After having a further conversation with her we have determined how she was making the juice.  She was mixing only two things of water to one thing of juice.  She now has the right instructions and the last set of juice that she made up tasted kinda weak...hmmm wonder why?

#2.   Today we spent most of the morning raking leaves.  Remember when you were a kid? When I was a kid raking leaves was fun cause at the end you had this great big pile of leaves for which you could jump in.  Not so much here.  As I was raking the leaves, the deer poop, the dog poop, and the lost tiles from the roof,  all I could think of was it is a good thing we don't want to jump into this pile.  It does make me wonder if only city kids get to jump in piles of leaves?  I have noticed that most of the trees here are pine trees so not a leaves.  However there are a lot of deer.  The trade offs for the city kids vs the country.  I think I'll take the country and all that goes with it.

#3.  Occasionally we have a bird that gets into the church.  We had a new roof that was put on two years ago but still they find a way in.  HOW?  And how is the best way to get a wayward bird out of a building?  I can tell you that it is not by leaving the front door open and putting birdseed on a plate by the door and hoping that the bird will eat it and find its way out.  All this does is make a mess.  Yes, one of our parishioners has already tried this cause she was scared the bird with get stuck in the church and make a mess.  

#4.  Why can't people who are staying at the hotel across the street from my house get cell service in their rooms or in the parking lot but can get great service while standing in front of my house?  Apparently it helps to lean against the telephone pole or maybe that is just for comfort.  But honestly I had three hunters from the hotel hanging out on Thursday all with cell phones stuck to their heads saying that this was the only place that they could get service. 

5.  Why does our phone book not have people's mailing address in it?  Or for that matter any address mailing or physical at all.  For most people it just prints which town they live in.  So if you go to have a party and want to send out invitations you have to call the person and tell them that you are having a party and need their address so you can send them an invitation.  After calling, why bother to send them an invitation?  I personally think it is because nobody here uses their physical addresses.  If you ask someone where they live they will tell you the street name followed by something like "we live in the miller place" or "across from Betty's son's house".  Im getting better about finding people's houses but it has been a challenge.  

#6.  Why is it that my husband who is such a patient teacher (I know cause he taught me to drive a stick) makes my daughter stressed out in the car?  I on the other  hand don't.  Lets clarify this a little more by stating that she and I are a lot a like, so when we are together it can be a lot like oil and water.  I was sure that when it came to teaching her to drive that it would be Rev who taught her to drive and I would just hang back and say, "yeah, my kid has her license.  Her dad taught her to drive".   This must be another one of those times when God is using me for his entertainment.  I however, am not amused.  

The parking lot seems to be getting a little bit full.  So as not to bore you with all the rambling thoughts in my head I will only park these for now and later when I can't stand having other thoughts rambling around I will come and off load some more.  Thanks for enduring the parking lot.

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Molly said...

:) This post made me smile.

Btw, birds fly toward light. So if you darken the building (cover the windows and turn out the lights), it will fly towards light (from an open door or window with sunshine coming in, )...