Wednesday, November 05, 2008

football is life

Our Korean exchange student went to the polls with me to check out the voting process.  

When we came home Rev, myself, and the kids discussed the processed.  The exchange student was confused by the fact that "we had already voted once before" and why did we have to do it all over again?  Rev simply explained it all by using what  He likened the primary to the playoffs and the general election to the championship game.  Did this work?  Of course, she attends a high school that is getting ready to go to districts for volleyball.

Later in the evening when I announced that Obama had won the election there was jubilation in our house, we had just witnessed history in the making.  Rev replied he knew Obama would win because the redskins had lost.  Excuse me?

According to the Washington Redskin legend  "except for 2004, the last home game prior to the election for the NFL's Washington Redskins has correctly predicted the outcome of the presidential race since 1936.  According to the legend, if the Redskins win the home game prior to the election, the incumbent party stays in power.  If the Redskins lose, the other party moves into the White House."  

Ok the Redskins lost prior to the 2008 election, thus Obama gets to start packing.  Once rules.  

And to think some people think that football is just a silly game.  

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