Sunday, October 19, 2008


My sister-in-law, her husband, and my 2 1/2 yr old nephew were in town for the weekend. We don't get to see them very often and that was entirely apparent from my little nephew's reactions and anxiety around strangers.

Throughout the whole weekend I had been giving my sis-in-law a hard time. We were the last stop on their 10 day vacation and at the beginning of the vacation she somehow managed to leave her car keys at a rest stop, not just any rest stop mind you, but a rest stop in CANADA.

Apparently its not nice to make fun of your sis-in-law cause on Saturday somehow my cell phone fell off my hip while getting out of the car and landed by the wheel. 10 min later when I got back into the car and drove guessed it, I ran over my cell phone.

My sis was real nice about it and walked down to the store with me to get a new phone. On the way to the store she thanked me and pointed out that nobody had mentioned her lost keys the rest of the afternoon.

In fact nobody harassed her at all until we were driving back from dinner and she got pulled over for speeding! Yeah apparently the speedometer is off, uh huh, and the cop bought it and just gave her a warning.

So how did we spend the weekend? We took them to a high school football game that the Rev happened to be referring. Good thing he was the white hat that night it made it easy for the little one to keep an eye on him.

On Saturday we took them to the park and played. We then had plans to visit the fire station since Rev is a volunteer fire fighter and my nephew is all set to be a fireman for Halloween. What better picture could you ask for than uncle and nephew both in their gear on the fire truck? The little one wanted nothing to do with the big truck and so kodak moment was passed.

We went back home and played with our old Brio train set instead.

The little one warmed up by Sunday and would hold my hand as long as there was another parent on the other hand and I even got a hug and a kiss out of the deal. Of course I had read him a book, rode the teeter-tooter with him, and even sat in the back seat with him on our way to VC. By then I had lost a little of my stranger status.

I figure once he hits the Rev's favorite, golden age of 4 and wants to ride on the fire truck then the Rev will be popular.

Until then I am going to enjoy what I can get out of the little kid and I have vowed not to tease my sis-in-law too much, I think that is what nieces are for.

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