Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I work in an office that loves to keep temperatures low.   While it is warm outside the AC runs at full blast.  My co-worker and I each wear a sweater.  

This week temperatures have dropped outside and the AC is no longer an issue.   However, heat would be nice.  I got to work this morning and the temp in the building was 52 degrees.  I might add that I have a desk/computer job.   

I asked the boss if we could turn the heat on.  He turned it up to 65.  Hello?  I think my fingers need to be thawed out.  

There should be a standard as to what temperature work environments should be kept at, say maybe 72?  Meanwhile while the boss wasn't looking the heat mysteriously got turned up to 68.  Hmmm don't know how that happened.  

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