Monday, September 01, 2008

last night

My parents instilled a love for theater in me at a young age.  So I was thrilled that VC had a fun summer theater program.  (Especially after moving from Chicago).  Last night was bitter sweet, as it was the last night of the 2008 season of the Virginia City Players.  I always hate to see the season end.  

Since moving to this area we have loved going to the shows which are always tons of fun. The shows have been a great hit with all our friends who have visited from afar as well.  They are well done and followed by a 45min vaudeville show which you definitely don't want to miss.  The "turtles" from last years vaudeville is still talked about by some of our friends, and most of the kids from Upward Bound could be found this summer singing one of CJ's songs with a funky little dance, and how could anyone forget Jaime singing "Danny Boy".  

The cast changes every year but since we have been here there has always been some of the same actors returning.  We have enjoyed getting to know the cast each and every year and look forward to the return of the repeat actors.

This  year they did 5 different shows and had 2 different casts.  It is hard not to love these young people.  They are vivacious, energetic, and as they swoop into our small town they transform it with wonderful plays, singing, dancing, and a zest for life.  

Several of the cast were leaving after last night performance while the rest will be leaving in the early part of the week.  They will all be missed.  To those traveling I wish you safe travels.  Especially to CJ (and his dad) who was driving 20hr beginning last night on his way back to W.Illinois U.  

To those of you who are planning on returning next season, I can't wait to see you next year. For those of you who need to "make it work" where you are going, I pray that you find success.

To Nora and Lizzie, thank you for great on-hour matinees and for always taking the time to encourage The Kid.  

To Jaime and Dena, I wish you not only success but a home filled with only one colander, pictures hung at a whim, and glasses that can be used for any type of liquid.  Spread your wings and fly, encounter new adventures, find new tales to tell, but don't forget the people who loved to hear you sing and act in VC.  And please always continue to encourage the youth, you both do it so well.  

Next year with the Virginia City Players should be great.  It is the 60th anniversary and there are some great names that have performed at our opera house over the years(I am told that Sally Struthers performed for the players).  They are hoping to have many of the old-timers back for a special party.  I am already counting down the days till the next season opens.  Until then I guess I will just watch for Mr Manners to return to TV.  

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