Sunday, September 07, 2008


The Kid had her first volleyball tournament this weekend.  Last year we knew that during tournament play she was going to have to play at least 3 games pretty close to one another so we always stressed eating a good breakfast.  This weekends tournament was no different.  

Both Rev and I started the night before reminding her that she would need to eat a good breakfast before the tournament.  

She normally eats breakfast but usually it is not extremely large, a piece of toast with Nutella, followed by a piece of fruit and a muffin after her 7am weight lifting class. 

When we got up Saturday morning I started in with the "remember you need to eat a good breakfast".   

The Kid proceeded to go downstairs and like all teenagers she opened the refrigerator door and stared blindly at the contents.  

She then asked if she could have the left over meatloaf and garlic mashed potatoes for breakfast.  Well, I guess that would give you protein and some carbs..... so sure.  She followed it with a piece of toast and Nutela.  What would her morning be without Nutela.

Don't know if that is what I would have chose for breakfast food but hey, at least I can honestly tell the coach that my kid ate a good, nutritious breakfast, maybe not traditional but nutritious.


Jane Ellen+ said...

That sounds like a very normal sort of breakfast around here... at least, our boy would think so.

Padre Mickey said...

I think anything one wants to eat at anytime of the day is "proper" food for that meal.
Well, unless it's cake for all three meals. Cake is only appropriate for breakfast.

The Lovely Wife said...

Since marrying the Rev I have come to consider pie as the ultimate breakfast food.