Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Persistence, does it really pay off?

The Narcotics Association has been calling my house.

I really feel for telemarketers. I had a telemarketing job one summer (briefly until something better was found) so I know how hard it can be to make those calls. For me it was not enjoyable and why anyone would make a career out of it is beyond me. Anyway, having said that, I try really hard to not be rude, mean, snide, or to just hang-up.

Narcotics Association called on Sunday while the Rev was in VC doing his second service. I informed them, my standard line, that I was sorry but my husband was out and since he was the one who makes the financial decisions in the house they would need to call back and talk to him. When he came back from VC, the girls and I went to Butte for awhile. While we were gone, Rev was upstairs on the puter. Our phone in the upstairs office needs a new battery so when the phone rang, he chose not to try to kill himself by running down the stairs to the downstairs phone but rather waited for his cell to ring. Most people know that we use our cells more than our land line anyway. This prevented him from even knowing that the Narcotics Association was trying to get ahold of him.

When the girls and I got home from shopping, Rev and I went out for dinner for our anniversary (18yrs--my where has the time gone). A little couple time. Something we rarely get and was nice to have. Upon coming home our daughter informed us that the "Neurotic Association" had called. Lucky for us we missed it.

They called again on Monday and since the Rev was at a meeting I gave them the same line. The called back in an hour and I repeated the line.

Yesterday was Tuesday and Rev once again had a meeting.
Guess who called.
You got it. The Narcotics Association. I once again gave them the line.

Man are they persistent.
They called back in a half hour.
I repeated the line.
The called back in a half hour.
Ok enough is enough. I had had it. I can now recognize the man's voice and feel like I should be on a first name basis but enough is enough, I exploded at the man and told him again that my husband is still not home and not to call back. So much for his chances at a donation. I then proceeded to find the ringer on/off switch on the phone and switch it to OFF.


Jane Ellen+ said...

I did the telemarketer thing too, one summer (I lasted two weeks-- for which I never got paid, I might add!). So, like you, I will not be rude-- but I won't encourage them, either.

"I'm sorry, we do not accept telephone solicitation calls of any sort. Please take us off your list."


Father John said...

Believe it or not, I used to work for a telemarketing firm myself. I never was on the phone, but was the project manager that employed about 600 telemarketers. Oh yes... we could make the phone calls and I have absolutely no problem ignoring (Caller ID) or politely hanging up when they call.