Sunday, September 14, 2008

how much can one kid eat?

Do all teenage girls eat like every meal is going to be their last?

The kid had another volleyball game this last weekend.  She needed to be there at 11:30, so at 10:30 she  ate 4 eggs, ham, cheese, and mushrooms along with a large glass of milk.  

After the game I drove her to Butte for an Upward Bound event.  I drove through the Arby's drive through to get her a "snack".  I was thinking maybe a shake.  She stated that she was "starving".  

I reminded her that she was going to be eating dinner in 2 hrs.   "But Im starving!"  

She settled for something small: a ham melt, potato cakes, and a small shake!

Hello.....a snack...that is like a meal.

I thought only teenage boys ate like this.

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