Wednesday, August 20, 2008

when the chips get low

I don't play poker because it requires that you have a good "poker face". I can't hide much. Most of my close friends will tell you that I don't really try to hide things. When I'm upset you pretty much know it.

Its been said that I wear my heart on my sleeve, I get my feelings hurt way too easily and take things way too seriously.

That is probably true. In fact it is true.

It has also been said that I make friends without much thought, taking everyone at their word, and when I make friends they become like family.

I think that too is basically true too. Having moved around a lot and not having family around I tend to count on my friends. Once I developed a church family I counted a lot on them as well but once again we began to move around.

We have now been at our current location for 4yrs. I have a core church family as well as extended friends.

I am thankful for my friends here, the ones who keep me on the straight and narrow. The ones who remind me that prayers get heard no matter whose mouth they come out of.

Sometimes emotions get in the way and those who are the closest to us don't always recognize what is going on while those just outside the situation can come in with one or two sentences and put a whole different spin on things and make you realize that it really doesn't matter.

I also don't play poker because it usually requires risking something that is of value. When you run out of money/chips you start adding in cars, expensive watches, etc.. Living on a priest's salary we don't have a lot of money and the only thing I have of real value are my friendships and those I am not willing to lose.

When the chips get low I want to make sure I always have my friends around. They keep me realizing what is important. Several of them this week have been there to help me make sense of all that I have had to deal with in regards to Ken and Dori's accident.

To my friends you know who you are, THANKS & I LOVE YA!

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Father John said...

Two of your friends are over here in Anaconda and they have you in their prayers. The Rev had it correct... this entire situation is a "big suck." Blessings