Tuesday, August 19, 2008


In the women's 100m race, there was a tie for second place. It was a fun race to watch, maybe not as fun as the men's 100m race but still fun because it was so close.

My question is this: The gold medal winner was from Jamaica, with the next two Jamaican finishers tying for second, both getting silver medals. NO Bronze medal was awarded.

Rev tried to explain the logic to me behind this and it made some sense until the gymnastics event last night.

We ended up with a Chinese and an American tied for gold and they broke it down so that one had to get the silver.

Why not, in both events have a re-do between those two competitors? I realize that it may have to be rescheduled another night but wouldn't that be more fair than not giving out a medal or knocking out judges scores until you are finally left with a score that can result in a winner even if it is an unskilled judges score that gives you the result?

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