Friday, July 18, 2008

unexpected interruptions

Why is it that when you sit down either for dinner or to watch a movie that is when the phone will ring or when people will come to the door needing asking for help with a room for the night, gas for their car, and/or money for food?

I can sit and watch mindless TV all night and never have a single interruption. But schedule a family movie night and guaranteed the phone will ring.

Last night Rev and I had planned to watch a movie. Hence our house all of a sudden became Grand Central Station. I have to admit that the Rev always handles it really well. One of the people needed a room and then asked if we happened to have a hairbrush too. She was in luck. I had bought the kid a hairbrush that wasn't the "right" kind so we proceeded to provide her with that as well.

The interruptions did provide me with an opportunity to put dishes in the dishwasher (we ate during the movie) and also with a needed bathroom break so I guess all is not lost.

**As a side note, I went home for lunch today and the hairbrush that we had given out was propped up on the doorknob. Guess we didn't make ourselves clear that she could keep it.

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