Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Retail Hell

Alright, I now know what it feels like to be in retail hell.  

Retail hell is shopping with a 14-year-old girl who has to have certain clothing to go on a trip.  A 14-year-old girl who would rather do anything than shop for clothes.  

I am not sure how I ended up with a child who abhors shopping, unless it is for books, as much as this one does.  I personally come from a long line of women who enjoy shopping.  In fact, from the time I was very little my grandmother would pick me up every Saturday to go shopping with her and my grandfather.  Grandpa was the designated driver, bag carrier, and bench sitter.  My mother has confirmed that we all are good shoppers and usually very good at finding bargains.  My mom's and my favorite pastime together is to hit the mall and hang out.  We have cultivated window shopping into an art.  

So, how then did I end up with this off spring?  My daughter swears that it is all my own fault.  She uses the theory that I have taught her to look only to the inner beauty and not be concerned with the outward appearance.  Hmm.  If that is true, then kudos to me.  I think that it is just a great excuse to get me to stop harassing her about not wanting to go shopping with me.  Either way, after last weekend it will be a long time before I ask her to go shopping with me again.  However, K let me know when you are up for another trip cause you I can definitely shop with.  


Jane Ellen+ said...

My daughter loves to go shopping.


I... do not.

Do you suppose that somehow, our children got their wires crossed in some way?

Father John said...

I'm pretty sure the Kid got the Rev. Ref's DNA on this one as my lovely wife is always complainig about the number of books that show up on our front doorstep. I get shivers of joy when I see Amazon written on the side of the box.

The Lovely Wife said...

maybe its the fact that both parents love books, therefore giving her a double dose of the book gene which is over-riding the shopping gene.

However if CJ would like to help with an intervention I am open to any suggestions.

Jane Ellen+ said...

Oh, book shopping is a whole 'nother thing. Especially when you can click a few buttons, and have the nice UPS lady deliver them right to your door... ooh, baby. :-D

THAT kind of shopping, I do only too well.