Saturday, June 07, 2008

Saturday delivery

The company that I work for also has a shipping business.  

It is amazing what people ship.   Moms come in and ship things that their kids have forgotten to take to college or have left at home when they have moved out.  We have shipped fishing supplies for folks from back east who come out for guided fly-fishing trips as well as bows and hunting rifles for hunters who come to go on guided hunting trips.  We ship the meat as well.  On one occasion we have even shipped potatoes.   Yesterday however took the cake.  A man came in with a box of rocks, yep a box of rocks.  

How did he want 'em shipped?  Fed Ex, overnight, with a Saturday delivery.  Yikes!  These must be some pretty special rocks.  "Do you want insurance on this in case the get damaged?"  "No they are just going to smash 'em up for testing".  All righty then. 

Don't know why they had to be there so quickly but the shipment weighed 11lbs and was going from Montana to California.  Any guesses on how much it cost?    

$100.00.  Note: if you wanted it there by Saturday, send it Thursday overnight.  FedEx may deliver on Saturday but it is a killer on the price.

Hope they find what they are looking for in the testing, meanwhile I'm glad I didn't have to pay for the shipping. 

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