Monday, June 02, 2008

Ooops. Better not to make rash judgements.

Friday was the beginning of a very long weekend.  

It started with us driving to Missoula to go shopping for clothes for the Kid to take with her to National FCCLA Leadership Conference in July.  The Kid and I each got to bring a friend for moral support.  

Our journey began with us stopping at WalMart in Butte.  This particular store is under going a re-model and we parked near the entrance that happened to be closed, this probably explained the great parking place.  As we got out of the car a gentleman with a baseball cap on backwards who had been at the closed entrance when we drove up apparently arguing with the people at the door, yelled to us that the entrance was closed and then he proceeded to pull out out of his handicapped parking place and go to a handicapped parking place near the other entrance.  

The first thing that comes to mind is a recent episode of Desperate Housewives where one of the wives applied for a handicapped parking permit since her husband recently became blind.  She then uses her husband to go shopping, leaving him in the car, so that she can get a good parking place. 

The gentleman that we saw, didn't appear to have any problems walking, he wasn't in a wheelchair, he wasn't blind, and from the back as he was getting into the car none of us could figure out why he had a handicapped sticker.  

It did become blindingly apparent, why he had a handicapped sticker, when we left and he walked out of the store at the same time with his 4 grocery bags, 2 in one hand and 2 on his amputated limb.  

From there our weekend could only go up.  We got to Missoula and then the fun really began.


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For those of you who weren't there, it was pretty funny! It wasn't funny that he didn't have an arm, but funny seeing all of our faces....